We are delighted to announce that The Streetviews of San Francisco (2014) is featured by BOOM. A Journal of California published by the University of California Press. The Summer 2014 issue asks "What's the matter with San Francisco?" Rebecca Solnit, David Lee, Rian Dundon, Rachel Brahinsky, Kristin Miller, Mark Hogan, Leah Reich, Annie Powers, Chris Carlsson, Celia and Peter Wiley and Stamen Design provide some answers, while Editor-in-Chief Jon Christensen and Managing Editor Eve Bachrach, play the role of the moderators. [The full table of contents is availablehere and the list of contributors can be found here].

What’s the matter with San Francisco is in many ways what’s the matter with our increasingly urban world. The challenges of inequality, mobility, livable wages, and affordable housing are cosmopolitan challenges, as are tensions between technology and culture. The new Argonauts, who take the wealth, skills, and connections forged in this new California gold rush to burgeoning cities experiencing tech-fueled growing pains in India and China and other countries, will also take the lessons we learn in the coming years with them, for better or worse. (Jon Christensen)

According to Rebecca Solnit, San Francisco is an "imperiled city" while Mark Hogan argues that the City must accept a radical change if it wants to survive. Meanwhile, Rachel Brahinsky concludes that "Reports of San Francisco's demise have been greatly exaggerated". 

Google Mooning graces the cover of BOOM, while other layouts highlight both the ongoing fictions and frictions of the city formerly known as Baghdad on the Bay.

The new issue of BOOM will be officially unveiled next week. Here is a sneak preview: